Nokian All-Weather Tires: A ‘Winter Tire You Can Use All Year Long’

Nokian All-Weather Tires: A ‘Winter Tire You Can Use All Year Long’

They’re as tough on fresh snow as they are on bare asphalt, even on the Autobahn. The Nokian WR G2 and G3 are the newest members of an all-weather tire family that’s storming the winter tire market.

While they were initially designed for the high speeds and diverse weather faced by drivers in Europe, the WR G2 and G3, exclusive to Kal Tire, are quickly becoming one of North America’s most popular tires. Why? Nokian’s all-weather tires are premium winter tires that double as superior summer tires.

Recently dubbed “a winter tire you can use all year long” by Consumer Reports, the WR G3 is impressing both drivers and auto journalists alike because it offers extreme performance on every kind of road condition.

Snowy roads

Unlike all-season tires, the Nokian WR G2 and G3 all-weather tires bear the severe service snowflake mountain symbol so you know it’s passed all the requirements to be considered a winter tire. In fact, the WR G2 SUV was designed as a high performance winter tire for year-round use.

This all-weather tire stays flexible in low temperatures to give you strong grip on snow and precise braking on ice because of its naturally derived rubber compound made with silica and canola oil.

Wet and slushy roads

The WR G2 and G3 prevent aquaplaning and stop instantly on wet roads because of a distinctive asymmetrical tread pattern inside and out. This tire also employs an innovative slush edge to push snow and water to the side for extra grip in slippery conditions.

The WR G2 and G3 also get superior traction on wet roads because water slides off the tire’s unique polished grooves.

Dry roads

Pioneered by the winter tire experts at Nokian and tested 300 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, this all-weather tire offers impeccable handling on bare asphalt as well as spring showers or winter blizzards. The WR G2 and G3 offer extreme stability and grip, even at high speeds on dry roads too.

All year long

Whatever the temperature or even your driving style, you’ll appreciate the Nokian WR G3’s sensitive driving response. The all-weather tire offers first-class safety as well as economy.

You’ll also enjoy a long tread life due in part to the tear-resistant natural oils in the compound. With such a durable tread, you’ll get good mileage throughout the seasons.

Plus, a new innovation called the silent groove design uses golf ball-like cavities to minimize noise, cool the tire and reduce drag for better mileage. Since the WR G2 and G3 rolls easily, you’ll consume less fuel and emit less CO2.

Click on this info-graphic to learn the difference between winter tires, all-weather tires and all-season tires.

Kal Tire Tire Comparison Info-graphic

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  1. Mike Williams »

    In November 2013 I purchased a set of Nokian hakkapeliitta r2 winter tires on steel rims for my 4X4 pickup truck from KAL Tire in Stoney Creek ON. I found the service to be very professional and Kevin and his team did a fantastic job. I got the best price and am extremely satisfied with my purchase. Now let me tell you about the tires. I can say without reservation that these Nokian tires are the best winter tires I have ever driven on in 35 years of driving. What you see in the videos about how they perform is absolutely realistic to how they perform on my truck. Amazing handling and control in unplowed road conditions at 100 km/hr while everyone else is crawling along at half that speed. The braking distance is absolutely amazing. I never would have thought that driving in a snowstorm could be thrilling instead of dreaded like it used to be. I’ll never be late for work again due to snowy weather as long as the left lane is open! Thanks guys!

    • Kal Tire »

      Hi Mike,

      Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! We are thrilled to hear that you are enjoying your Nokian tires. Having a set of great winter tires really makes a huge difference in those dreaded winter months.

      Drive safe out there!

  2. rob »

    Do all weather tires pass the winter snow flake test as per RCMP rules in British Columbia?

  3. Brian Woods »

    Not a tire story but….

    Last Saturday my wife & I drove Calgary to Edmonton in our Subaru…….
    At the Edmonton city limits lost all power in the car…….
    Suddenly going only 5-10 km/hr.
    The KalTire shop (South Edmonton Common) was the only place we could get to……

    (Thought transmission fluid was gone)
    The young teck said he would look…….
    What he found was differential/axle issue which he “popped back in”… his words

    IT WORKED !!

    (Drove to Subaru but they could not help till Monday/Tuesday)
    Ended up driving back to Calgary and later got the issue checked….

    ALL OK !!!!

    Thank you Kal Tire…….


    • Kal Tire »

      Hi Brian,

      Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. We are happy to hear our team in Edmonton was able to help you out and get you back on the road to Calgary. Thank you for taking the time to share your positive experience.

      Have a great day!

      Kind Regards.

  4. jim »

    I’m looking for Nokian’s all-weather tire for my 2004 Saab convertible aero.
    Price please – all four tires.
    Thank you

    • Kal Tire »

      Hi Jim,

      Thank you for your inquiry. If you would like to obtain a quote for tires please feel free to visit our Webstore, one of our representatives will be available to assist you and answer any questions you may have. Please visit if you would like to chat with one of our team members online from the comfort of your home or email them at, you may also contact them directly at 1-877-KAL-TIRE (525-8473).

      I hope this helps. Take care!

  5. Dave »

    Are the Nordman All-weather tires made by a different company than Nokian? I know that Nokian uses the name “Nordman” for some of its other tires.

    If they are made by Nokian then how are they different than the WRG3?

    If they are a different company, how long have they been around and how do they stack up to Nokian’s All-weather tires?

    • Kal Tire »

      Hi Dave,

      Thank you for the great question! The Nordman WR all-weather tire is manufactured by Nokian. We asked Nokian to develop a quality all-weather tire that is value priced as the WR G3 is more premium priced. Key differences; the Nordman is 22% less in price than the WR G3. The Nordman has up to 80,000 tread warranty while the WR G3 has up to 100,000 tread warranty. The Nordman still has the quality rubber compound and tread design you would expect from a Nokian tire – but the WR G3 incorporates the latest technologies and tread design elements. I hope this helps!